Ladies, we all need to live life with less guilt, shame, fear, regret, desperation and neediness and live life with more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, authenticity, self care, and healthy emotional and spiritual growth! 

If this applies to you, please join us for one of the activities  listed below. 


When we choose to become still before God, we hear Him say ‘I died for you; you are forgiven’.

When we choose to become still before God, we hear Him tell us that He created us for a very specific purpose!

 When we choose to become still before God, we hear God direct us.  And,

When we choose to become still before God, we allow the power of God into our lives.


In our Bible Studies, we have been talking a lot this past winter and spring about how we believe the lies from the enemy yet we are not so willing to believe God.  It’s been an amazing wake-up call and ‘Stillness’ is designed to help women develop and find their own way of inviting ‘Stillness’ into their life so they can learn how to drown out the lies of the enemy and become women who hear God!


Join us for our kick off on Thursday, June 29th at 6:30pm

at Eileen’s: 2416 Tallus Heights Lane, West Kelowna


Our summer “Stillness” sessions are held at Evelin’s on TUESDAYS as follows:

July 11, 25, August 8 and 22 and they will be offered twice on each of those days.

 You can choose the 8AM sessions or the 7:30PM sessions.

The sessions do not build on each other; drop ins are welcome!


If you haven’t already, please e-mail or private message Evelin with the time you would like to attend.


For these sessions, please bring your Bible and your favorite writing utensil(s).  If you have a journal or notebook, that would be beneficial as well, bring your earbuds and your favorite worship music on your ipod or phone if you have!


Coffee and Tea provided


Previous Studies

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